Instyle Dance Concert Program - The Battle

Print publication design

Publication design is one of Double-E Design’s specialties! From school yearbooks to annual reports, no matter your needs, we can help design and lay out a creative or corporate publication such as an annual report,  school yearbook, school prospectus, or dance concert or theatre show program.

Print publication design for everyone

With technology such as Dropbox allowing us to more easily share the large volumes of files required to produce a publication without having to physically visit each other, location of your publication designer is becoming less and less important. While Double-E Design is located in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne, if you have a solid internet connection it’s like we’re just down the road!

Event program, school yearbook and annual report printing

While we do not print publications in-house, we have forged relationships with several printing suppliers and can easily arrange printing on your behalf, or work with a printer of your choice, to help ensure ease of production and delivery of your Double-E Design publication.

If you are looking for an efficient, experienced freelance designer to work on your next publication, whether it be a yearbook, annual report, catalogue, book, performance program or other large document, please get in touch with Leesa with the Double-E!

Wyndham City Council 2016-17 Annual Report

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